New fighter Kage and balance changes live for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Capcom just revealed the newest fighter coming to Street Fighter V:Arcade Edition, Kage. A sentient version of the Satsui No Hado, Kage seeks to prove that Ryu is nothing without him.

Capcom also revealed that balance changes will be coming with Kage and that they both went live as soon as Capcom Cup 2018 was over! So before you head back into the game hit the jump to see Kage’s trailers and the many, many, balance changes. Some characters even got new moves!

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Dojo Mode announced for Street Fighter V, coming September 25th

Dojo Mode is a new feature that players can receive for free by linking their account to Capcom’s Street Fighter site.

Doing this will give you the free Dojo stage. You will be able to customize the background of your Dojo with tons of different objects ranging from plants to snowmen to cars. You will also be able to join other Dojo communities.

Hit the jump for the trailer and additional info.

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New Costumes coming to SF5 August 28th

New costumes are coming for Menat, R.Mika, Kolin, and Falke on August 28th. Surprisingly, there is no new Chun-Li costume.

Seems to be a black/maid theme coming in with this new set of costumes.

Hit the jump to see some preview images for yet another female-exclusive round of costumes.

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G and Sagat coming to Street Fighter V on 8/6/18

Before EVO top 8 for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition began, Capcom announced that both G and Sagat would be coming to the game on August 6, 2018.

G appears to be very presidential-like in both his mannerisms and appearance. He does appear to use the gold stuff on his body as part of his fighting style.

Sagat appears to have gone on a personal journey and befriended a full grown tiger along the way. Sagat seems to play very similar to his earlier iterations with the usual Street Fighter V twists that each character got.

Once the characters are released we will hopefully be getting more insight into what G’s deal is and what Sagat has been up to.

Check out the trailers for each character after the jump.

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Survival Mode changes and more Costumes coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Along with Mayor Cody, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be seeing a very much needed change to Survival Mode that will hopefully make the experience less painful to go through. In addition, Capcom also announced a couple of new costumes that will be coming to the game. Hit the jump to see the changes and costumes.

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Cody coming to Street Fighter V June 26th

Returning Final Fight character Cody has been announced and will be coming to the Street Fighter V on June 26th, 2018. Check out the trailer below.

Make sure to hit the jump to see more details about the reformed Final Fight criminal and how he is going to play.

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Training and Versus Mode Almost Didn’t Make Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection???

So apparently the highly-anticipated Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection was going to to come out without with training and versus mode. It was almost released in a state where you could only play the arcade part for 8 of the twelve games.

Here is the direct quote from Capcom;

“After the initial announcement, we saw lots of fan feedback hoping for Versus and Training Modes, even if the collection is focused on the arcade versions. It’s because of this feedback that these modes have been added to the game. Since this is a brand new feature, Versus and Training Mode will be available as a day one patch on May 29. You must connect to the internet and download the patch in order to enable them.”

Now, I am no game developer in any way, shape, or form, but how does making the game ‘arcade perfect’ prevent them from putting in these basic modes?

Before this announcement, Capcom was about to sell a fighting game collection where you couldn’t play local versus mode against another player.

How could a company as big as Capcom think customers would not want to PLAY AGAINST OTHER PLAYERS IN A FIGHTING GAME. Thats like thinking people who play basketball wouldn’t want another team to play against.

Luckily, Capcom decided against it and implemented standard modes that all modern fighting games should have after “lots of fan feedback”. Yes Capcom, we want to be able to fight other players in a fighting game.

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