PR Balrog is back!?

Perhaps one of the most hype events of the entire life span of SFV, SCR resulted in some very interesting results this past weekend especially regarding one person in particular.

And it came from no other than EG’s PR Balrog. PR Balrog made a name for himself in SFIV, where his Balrog was an incredible force to be reckoned with despite being considered only a mid-tier character at best.

Using Balrog, a character considered on the lower side of tier lists, including PR Balrog, was able to defeat EG Momochi’s Ken.

This result has two major things you could take away from it.

  1. PR Balrog has had enough time with Balrog to get him back into shape like he was in USFIV.
  2. Do Japan players know how to stop Balrog?

When Balrog first came out, PR Balrog, after testing him out for a couple weeks, said he was not a good character and has generally been using a high tier character, Necalli, in tournaments. It was generally expected that PR was going to use Necalli in the match up, mainly being that many consider Momochi the best current SFV player and PR has more time put in with Necalli, presumably. So it came as a, hopefully to many people’s, pleasant shock that PR decided to use his trademark character. Even more so,  PR took it over Momochi 2-1, in an incredibly tense, well-fought match.

So was this just some fluke? It seems like a balance of the two things I listed above. While Ken is a rampant and often played character throughout the game, Balrog is not played, especially at a competitive level very much.

One reason that the character is DLC giving players like PR Balrog, who just loves the character, less of chance to practice him compared to Ken, who has been in the game since Day 1.

One thing people seem to forget, as mentioned earlier, is that Barlog in USFIV was not a top tier character either. While he was no means bad, PR style fit Balrog so perfectly which allowed him to excel in competitions with brutal swiftness and overwhelming force.

Now if only Snake Eyez would get back into shape with Gief the way Barlog has.


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