Capcom Cup 2016

Capcom has released on their website  the 32 participants in this years Capcom Cup. The tournament will last two days, December 2nd to December 3rd.  While not every player solely plays one character in every tournament, here is a list of how many representations of each character are in the tournament, purely according to the Capcom list.

Here is the trailer for the event, tweeted by Ono.

A little more than half of the current roster is most likely to be represented during the final big tournament of season 1 of Street Fighter 5. The list is somewhat to be expected. Chun- Li, Ken, Ryu, Necalli, Karin, Nash, R.Mika, and Cammy form the top tier at the moment.

Many consider M.Bison to be at best low mid-tier which makes his representation somewhat of a surprise. Although BX3.TP-Link|Phenom, whose character is on the list provided by Capcom is Necalli, he also plays M.Bison

While the list may be somewhat skewed to the top tier, the fact is that a good amount of characters are still being represented. The only noticeable top tier character left out is Guile. However, Liquid.Knuckledu will most likely be using Guile at some point during the tournament, if not all of it. Knuckledu is also very likely to pull out his R.Mika at some point as well.

It is unfortunate we most likely will not be seeing Alex, Juri, Birdie, Ibuki, Balrog, Urien, or perhaps the least suprising, Zangief.

Players like Knuckledu and Phenom can lead to a somewhat of a misrepresentation of the character amounts listed above however.

Rashid also has the potential of being in the tournament due to Infiltration. He has been known to pick Rashid regularly and there is a good chance we will be getting to see his Rashid at some point during the tournament.

We have no idea how these 32 participants are training for the tournament, who will be hungry for the prize money, but it will surely be a tournament to remember.

Be sure to stay after the tournament is over to here the new announcements about the upcoming changes to the game.



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