Street Fighter 5 Season 2 General Gameplay Changes

According to a post by ComboFiend, Capcom has been listening to players and is focused on changing three of the most annoying gameplay mechanics currently in Street Fighter 5:

  • Recovery after Successful Throws
  • Light anti-air attacks
  • meterless DP reversals

Having the last of these two bullets instantly makes a character high tier.

Recovery after succesful throws makes characters like R.Mika and Ken extremely hard to defend against.

Only high tier characters like Ryu, Necalli, and Chun li have light attack anti-air attacks which, combined with their other amazing areas, makes the character unbalanced. A light anti-air attack provides almost no risk and comes out extremely quickly, and in some cases can lead to cross-ups. Even with low tier characters like Alex the attack is still somewhat unfair. Alex has plenty of AA options through his d+HP and Air Knee Smash.

Meterless DP reversals, while extremely punishable if missed, adds another defensive tool that the attacker must always be wary of. It can be incredibly hard to pressure characters like Ryu, Ken, Cammy, and Necalli who always have that option available. At least with Guile, Karin, R.Mika, Rashid, Ibuki, Urien, and Juri you have to spend a bar to do a invincible reversal. And with FANG you have to do his critical art for a true invincible reversal.

Meanwhile, characters like M.Bison, Birdie, Laura, and Balrog have none of these things, making dealing with pressure basically relying on v-reversals for these characters.

Hopefully Capcom will also be reducing the input lag again to make reactionary players and characters more viable.




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