Street Fighter 5 Season 2 Non-Gameplay Changes Wanted

With the upcoming big update on Tuesday there is certainly a focus on the gameplay the FGC is looking out as mentioned in an earlier post. In addition to those changes there are also so other things Street Fighter could use to be the game that street fighter fans truly want.

Arcade Mode.

Surprisingly lacking in the newest addition of the popular fighting game is arcade mode. The mode consists of putting the player through a series of fighters is various stages around the world which would usually end in fighting the main boss, usually M.Bison. It is a huge draw for the casual crowd of the game, considering that not everyone who plays the game is trying to get to Diamond Rank or be the next Knuckledu. It is also, as many have stated since its launch, why the game did not sell as well as was expected. Yes, story mode was added, about 6 months after launch, but it was already too late to get any of the casual sales the game needed and the mode forced you to play characters you may not like.

Offline Versus.

If you have every watched a SF5 tournament this year you may have noticed that after a match the two players look at each other and give a thumbs up for the next match to start. This is because currently, in offline mode, only player one can pick to start the match. It use to be that both players had to press the next match button to start, like in Street Fighter IV.  Hopefully, Tuesday’s update will address that. This change is more concerned for tournament players, but it can be annoying when you are just casually playing with a friend.

Getting Colors.

Compared to other versions of Street Fighter, it is relatively hard to get new colors for your characters by simply playing the game. One way to get colors is by beating Survival mode. However, it is only realistic for players to beat easy and normal mode. Hard and Hell modes are almost impossible to beat, even for pros of the game. So either Survival needs to be nerfed, or their needs to be other ways to get new colors.

The only other way to get colors is to fork over hard earned Fight Money that can also be used for unlocking alternative costumes, new characters, and new stages. With all the uses that Fight Money has, players need to be able to get more of it faster or have it be needed for less things. Luckily, with the weekly challenges Capcom implemented into the game, they are already taking necessary steps towards a solution.

New Character Costumes.

While this is not something that will be fixed in the Tuesday update, unless you count Zangief’s new holiday costume, which is a step in the right direction, a good amount of characters are being skipped in the new costume department. While Chun-li has like 7 costumes, including one coming in the Tuesday update, characters like Balrog, FANG, M.Bison, and Rashid have all not received any additional new costumes besides the ones they had when they were released, the story costume and battle costume. Excluding Balrog, these characters have been in the game since launch!

On the other hand, all of the women of street fighter have at least 2 additional costumes coming out for them when you add Tuesday’s content (literally all the women except Cammy and Ibuki are getting holiday costumes. Chun-Li isn’t in the Christmas spirit either but don’t worry, she’s getting a special Red Bull costume). This is not necessarily a bad thing but the characters mentioned above need to see some love thrown their way.

What do you think the game needs in the Tuesday update or just in season 2 in general?



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