Why buy the Season 2 pass for Street Fighter V?

Look, Akuma is a popular character and I am happy that he is in the game. However, I think the new characters are not the right way to go for Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter 5 Akuma Gallery 1 out of 2 image gallery

The hype is… eh

Street Fighter V has undersold, that has been apparent for months. Capcom has done some good by reducing input lag and all of the DLC characters, at least in terms of fan favorites, were great. But if they want to sell units and DLC, they need to appeal to the already built in Street Fighter casual fan base. The game did not sell well at first because it only had 16 characters, four of which were brand new. The game lacked a Arcade mode, essential for capturing the casual fanbase who are not looking to become master rank in Ranked mode. As long as we are reading the text right, Capcom has effectively cut off characters like Sakura, C.Viper, Abel, and Sagat, the first three even being in a couple of character stories of SFV, for at least another year.

I will admit that it is always exciting to see new characters in the game. These new characters might have some awesome designs and play styles that blow away fans of the game. I generally like all the new SF5 characters, yes, including FANG. I am genuinely curious about each character and how they fit into the crazy Street Fighter universe.

On the other hand, we don’t know these characters. Street Fighter, over the years, has amassed a large roster of fighters. Characters like Oro, Necro, Q, Remy, Gill, and Twelve have yet to be playable in any edition of the franchise since their original release in Street Fighter III. These characters would certainly raise some interest from long time fans, as well as provide some more odd characters that are needed to flesh out Street Fighter V. Not to mention they are already established in the universe and it would be interesting to see what they are up to.

It is a bummer that we still wont see these characters any time soon. Capcom is not doing much to reinvigorate the game with this choice and it needs to start appealing to the casual fanbase. Implement an Arcade Mode. Add classic characters. Akuma, despite how awesome the character is, is only one fighter. The player base needs a more solid reason to purchase the season 2 pass.

What do you think needs to be added to Street Fighter V? Sound off in the comment section below.


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