Street Fighter 5 Pro Akuma Gameplay

At the end of this post is a compilation of a pro Street Fighter player, Tokido, playing Akuma. While the video was taken on the second day of Akuma being released, it is always interesting to see pro players figure out new characters and it comes as no surprise that the Japanese pro player instantly picks up the newest character to the game.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Tokido, he has always been a force to be reckoned with. In Street Fighter IV Akuma was Tokido’s main character and was one of the few people to truly master the dark shoto during the lifespan of the game.

In SFV, Tokido was forced to play Akuma’s good counterpart Ryu since Akuma was not in the game. Even though Tokido prefers to play Akuma, he certainly had some great success with Ryu throughout season 1. No doubt the inclusion of Akuma in the game has brought a smile to Tokido’s face as his favorite raging demon makes his return to the game. He wastes no time in getting some match experience under his belt and it looks like he is already becoming comfortable with the character.

Here is the video:

Here is the link to the YouTube channel that posted the video.

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