Street Fighter 5 Akuma Pros and Cons

Akuma has officially been in SFV for a week. Many people took the raging demon for a test drive these past seven days and have been set on unlocking the shoto’s potential.

Image result for krillin unlocked potential

No, potential that might actually matter

While it is still too early for people to truly unlock Akuma’s potential, there are some general opinions that are coming up that are worth looking at.


Just like every other iteration of Akuma in Street Fighter, Akuma has extremely high damage output relative to the rest of the cast. This is supplemented by a very versatile move set that, if used correctly, can be extremely hard to predict. One example of this is his two critical arts. While his infamous Shun Goku Satsu (Instant Hell Murder) can only be used in his v-trigger form, his normal CA, Sekia Kuretsuha can be used in his normal form and v-trigger state.  Akuma has all the tools of other shotos like Ryu and Ken like fireballs, Dragon Punch (and a 1-meter invincible reversal), and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku. While his fireball game may not be as good as Ryu’s (the regular ones don’t go full screen), Akuma differs from the other two by having a fireball that can hit three times. Akuma’s V-skill parry is also a good tool for setting his opponents up and anti-airing.  What truly sets Akuma apart from Ryu and Ken is his Demon Flip and Air Fireballs. Demon Flip alone can be made to grab an opponent in the air while they are on the ground, just a normal punch for solid comb-ending damage, dive kick, or slide for a low. With all of these options, it can be incredibly difficult to time an anti-air against Akuma. He also has multiple cross-ups and his Shun Goku Satsu is tied with Zangief’s for the most damage of a CA in the game (400). On top of all this, his new hair style created an instant meme, Akuma Matata.


All this damage and versatility comes at a price. Akuma is a complete glass cannon. He has the lowest health in the entire game with an unimpressive 875 health and only 900 stun. This can be a huge problem in a game like SF5. A decent jump in combo can do over 300 damage. Add another jump in and a few pokes and you’ve got a finished round. An Akuma player needs to be extremely careful in their play or a round can be over for them extremely quickly. His versatile move set can also be somewhat daunting to new and even veteran players. This will prevent more casual players from fully taking advantage of all of the moves Akuma has at his disposal.

But, if they can, Akuma can be one hell of a fighter. It will be interesting to see where the pros will end up taking the veteran character in the months to come.

What are your thoughts on Akuma? Sound off below.


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