Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Capcom Roster Speculation

As of right now, there are six confirmed characters in MvC:I.

For Capcom:

  • Ryu
  • Mega Man X
  • Morrigan

For Marvel:

  • Iron Man
  • Captain America
  • Captain Marvel

There will hopefully be dozens of more characters being announced over the next few months before its release.

On my post about the Marvel side of the roster, I noted that it was much easier to eliminate certain characters due to Marvel’s legal problems. Fortunately, Capcom’s roster for the game is much less limited since Capcom owns all the rights to its games and characters.

We saw in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 that Capcom tried to expand its roster outside of Mega Man and pure fighting games like Street Fighter and Darkstalkers. Capcom threw players some familiar and seemingly forgotten characters into the game like Frank West (Dead Rising), Arthur (Ghosts n’ Goblins), Haggar (Final Fight), Chris Redfield and Wesker (Resident Evil), Viewtiful Joe (Viewtiful Joe), and even Phoenix Wright (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) to name a few. For the full list of characters in MvC3, click here. These characters being put in the game completely opens up Capcom’s rather large roster to allow anyone into the game at this point.

Image result for ace attorney

“It says RIGHT HERE that everyone wants me in MvC:I”

In UMvC3, these not typical fighting characters were not badly designed either. They had unique fighting styles that stayed true to their characters. Capcom certainly has shown that they are capable of creating entirely new fighting styles, so it’s only a matter of who is going to get the treatment next.

It should also be noted that the only Street Fighter characters in UMvC3 were Ryu, Chun-Li, C.Viper, and Akuma. This was a stark contrast to Marvel vs. Capcom 2 where 11 out of the 28 Capcom characters were from Street Fighter, showing that Capcom has already started forming the mentality of getting a bigger variety from their game catalog.

Although, currently, it is not even certain how many characters there will be in the game in total. With so little information about the game, just keep in mind that it is not 100 percent, although extremely likely, that Capcom will keep this mentality going into MvC:I.

Speaking of Street Fighter, it should come to no suprise that Ryu is in the game. It is also almost a guarantee given that Chun-Li will be in the game as well. Akuma, one of the most popular fighting game characters ever, also has a high chance of getting in. Perhaps Capcom will add one of the new Street Fighter V characters to the game like they did with C.Viper in MvC3. If they went that way, that would put FANG, Necalli, Rashid, or Laura in the running.

For Darkstalkers, Morrigan, like Ryu, was a given. Capcom might allow other Darkstalkers like Anakaris or Lord Raptor their time to shine instead of Hsien-Ko and Felicia.

For the Mega Man franchise, we might only be getting X, but they could have Tron Bonne or Zero again and I am sure there would be no complaints.

The Resident Evil franchise was actually tied with Street Fightjer for most characters from a single franchise in UMvC3 with Chris, Wesker, Jill, and Nemesis. For the Resident Evil franchise, we could be getting Leon, Chris, Jill, Wesker, Nemesis, Ada Wong, or Claire Redfield.

The inclusion of Haggar in UMvC3 opens up the entire Final Fight roster as possibilities.

The Devil May Cry franchise also has a good chance of getting represented in the game. Capcom might even give Dante, the main character in the reboot of the franchise, a chance.

There are also a fair amount of other less known franchises that could get into the game. For example, there is a chance that the protagonist from Power Stone, a 3d fighting arena game launched in 1999, named Edward Falcon, could get into the game due to how similar infinity stones and power stones are.

As you can see, Capcom has tons of material to pull from and I cannot wait to see who they decide to use.

What Capcom character do you want to see in MvC:I? Sound off in the comment section below.


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