First North American Tournament of 2017 for Street Fighter V concludes

Congratulations to Wolfkrone for winning the first major event, Kumite.

The tournament is the first major tournament of season 2 and 2017. Besides Wolfkrone, PIE.Smug, and EG’s K-Brad were the other big names at the tournament.

Here is a video of the Grand Finals between Wolfkrone (Laura) and Smug (Balrog) :

The gameplay certainly brings some hype with dominating performances from both sides.

Laura and Balrog were some of the characters who got buffed in season 2 of Street Fighter and this match shows just how intense these characters can be now.

With this type of crazy offense and insanely high damage, will other characters be able to stop Balrogs and Lauras in tournaments? Sure, Smug and Wolfkrone always make their character look good respectively, but the gameplay on display here is just dizzying.

Who are you looking forward to see in future tournaments? Sound off in the comment section below.



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