Command Grabs

I was playing SF5 the other day, so any day really, and I was getting wrecked as usual. At first it made me mad, but then I realized something. I have no eye for spotting command grabs.

Image result for sf5 laura command grab

After the 1st command grab, you think they got lucky

I have trouble with Zangief, R.Mika, Birdie, Vega, Alex, Laura, and Necalli because of their command grabs.

Screenshot (3).png

After the 2nd one, you get a little annoyed

With Zangief and Laura getting buffs, they are going to be harder to deal with and you are going to be seeing a lot more of them online most likely.

Image result for sf5 necalli command throw

After third one, you start getting frustrated

There is a silver lining though. With these command grabbers becoming more of a threat, you will get more practice in.


After the fourth one, you wanna punch your neighbor’s cat because it was meowing slightly and you know that is why you didn’t see the command grab coming

I urge everyone to practice reading command grabs. Learn your opponent’s tendencies during the match. Don’t let them keep doing their set ups. I know these are just general things to think about during a match, but they do help.


After the 5th one, you will want to sell everything you own, quit your job, and retreat into the mountains to become a monk

People who follow the pro scene might remember Infiltration’s Nash wrecking in the beginning of season 1. So what did people do? They bitched and moaned about Nash being OP as hell and then got him nerfed into the ground in season 2. They familiarized themselves with the match-up. They learned how to counter him.


After the 6th one, you will realize that you don’t need to become a monk, just practice. Also, its hilarious that Zangief just grabs Urien through Aegis Reflector.

Command grabs aren’t going away and they force you to learn something that you may have shrugged off for a while. You have to force yourself to practice if you want to survive season 2 of sf5, just like pros did against Infiltrations Nash. Adapt. Learn frame data. Know when you can safely press buttons. Shoryuken is a great place to learn stuff like that. Cause guess what? If you avoid the grab properly, there is an easy jump-in combo punish for you.

I won’t lie, it is not possible to make perfect reads 100% of the time. Even doing all of this, you will still get grabbed. But if you can reduce the amount of times you get command grabbed, you are going to be a lot happier.

Do you have any thoughts about command grabs? Sound off below.


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