There is no trial version of Street Fighter 5 coming

A while ago, the fighting game website Eventhubs posted about a trial version of SF5 that is mentioned in-game when you do trials.

Here is the orginial post where I got the picture below.


While everyone is concerned about the buffs and nerfs of season 2, it is still important to note that Sf5 is still missing some core elements. If you would like to see a list of things that I was hopeful would be in season 2, things that do not influence gameplay, click here.

However, do not count on any $19.99 Street Fighter 5 game with an arcade mode coming out anytime soon.

These missing elements are why people are trying to bend this message even though Capcom has stated multiple times that they will not do to SFV what they did to SFIV regarding releasing new versions of the game that you have to buy.

I completely agree with a fair amount of comments on the EventHubs article I linked to in the beginning. This message does not hint at a new version of SF5. It simply tells players the frame data for characters in the trials are from their season 1 versions. This message is meant to remind players so they do not get angry if they cannot do a new season’s combos during a trial. I will admit they could have worded it much more clearly and it would have been nice for Capcom to update them.


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