Killer Instinct World Cup Tournament to not allow Taunting. WTF?

A recent tweet by ISM|Rotendo has stated that during the upcoming Killer Instinct tournament that taunting, specifically teabagging, will not be allowed.

Image result for halo teabagging gif

Where would we be without this?

Here is the tweet:


What kind of safe space BS is this?

This is just ridiculous. A competitive environment is a complex area that requires top players to be at the top of their game both physically and mentally. Players will do whatever they can to get an edge on their competition. Straight up not allowing taunting effectively cuts a tool that players can use to their advantage if they are inclined to.

If getting taunted really gets professional players so angry that they violently threaten the tauntees, then they are not professionals. Professionals do not let little things like taunting get under their skin. If you cannot handle a little taunting, you should not be playing in a competitive environment to begin with.

Some professionals have already discussed the decision. Here is a tweet by professional player EG|Ricki Ortez about the decision.

I sincerely hope that other tournaments or games follow suit.

I mean seriously, how many players are even taunting in professional tournaments anyway?

Why don’t we just make everyone wear suits or dresses when they play so there can be no distractions. If someone is wearing a tank top it might give someone more freedom in their arms than someone who is wearing a sweatshirt. We should also make everyone play the same character so no one has an advantage. Everyone should also have to train the exact same amount of time as well so no one gets too far ahead.

Do you see where I am going with this? Where is the line? The FGC should not be dictating how players play a game.

As long as taunting doesn’t actually do anything to game mechanics and players are not violently messing with each other during a match, everything should be fair game.

What are your thoughts about taunting in tournaments? Tell me what you think below.




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