SFV Kolin V-System Analysis

*Just to clarify, I made this post before Kolin was actually released.

A new video featuring Kolin’s v-system has surfaced on twitter. Here is the original tweet containing the video.

The video covers her v-skill, v-reversal, and v-trigger. Here are some thoughts about each of the moves, solely based on the video above.

Her v-skill, Inside Slash, seems to be similar to Akuma’s in that it will only counter one attack. Unlike Akuma however, it does not look like the counter allows Kolin to choose different follow up attacks following a successful use. The v-skill also seems to move Kolin forward on activation, unlike Akuma and Ryu’s parries that keep them in place.

It is  uncertain if Kolin will do the second strike of the v-skill if the first hit is blocked.

Her v-reversal, Third Eye (name according to eventhubs), is a roll reversal that has her roll to the other side of her opponent upon activation. It looks extremely similar to Rashid’s v-reversal, although it appears to leave her closer to her opponent than Rashid’s.

Her v-trigger, which is two bars, is called Diamond Dust. The move unleashes a frost wave on the ground of the stage. The move can hit her opponent up to 3 times, send them across the stage, and then hit the ground. It also looks like you can use the v-trigger skill 2-3 times before it runs out.

While the move itself seems to do little damage, the most interesting part of the attack targets the stun meter. The move does a decent amount of stun damage by itself and appears to have another effect. If hit, the opponent’s stun meter turns dark blue and the stun bar turns white. The stun bar also appears to stop moving even after not blocking or being hit by an attack for a long period of time, although it is unclear by the video exactly how long this effect will last. Even more interesting, if an opponent stun meter is filled up, they will freeze instead of being stunned. It is unknown right now if being in a frozen state will have different properties than being in a stunned state or if being frozen is merely a cosmetic change to the regular stun.

If you would like to see the full trailer for Kolin, and the alternate costumes she is being released with, click here.

What do you think of the various parts of Kolin’s v-system? Sound off below.

Sources: Capcom Blog, SF5 Twitter


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