Changes Wanted For SFV This Year

Street Fighter V has had an interesting first year as the next addition in the beloved franchise. There were many positives, negatives, and just straight up ugly parts of SF5.

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You did this Capcom


However, according to Ono, SF5 will be the Street Fighter game until at least 2020 so fans might as well settle in for the long haul.

A while back I released a few changes that I wanted to see in the game. While there has been the addition of weekly missions that allow players to gain fight money consistently, the changes I thought were important have not been added into the game. Having said that, I would like to expand on that list a little bit and add some changes to the actual gameplay that I want to see as well.

Arcade Mode

I had already mentioned this in my other post but SF5 seriously needs it. Casual players need it, the game just needs it. The free story mode was nice, but it is no substitute.

Start Up Time for Everything Reduced

It is no secret that SF5 is a laggy game. Even the lag input for the actual game play is relatively high compared to other fighting games. But what I’m talking about is the actual time it takes for the game to connect to the servers, finding a match, and even going from character to select to the actual match. All of it takes too long. For a game that came out in 2016 and has had a whole year for patches to be implemented, this aspect of the game has virtually not changed. Don’t give fans another Chun-Li costume, make the game faster!

Actually Get Rid of AA Jabs

Even though it was one of the main changes covered by Capcom in a post about changes for season 2, anti-airing with a light jab is still very much possible, and still very annoying. It is a very lame mechanic in the game and I really hope that Capcom is planning on actually getting rid of this annoyance.

Buff, Don’t Nerf

While some of the buffs and nerfs for season 2 characters in the game were justified, a few characters were nerfed into dead low tier for no particular reason. R.Mika and Ryu are the most obvious choices cases. With R.Mika she only needed her Passion Rope Throw nerfed so she wouldn’t get instant corner pressure anywhere on the stage, but they also made a few of her moves slower and do less damage. With Ryu, the general gameplay changes would have been enough to balance the character but, just like R.Mika, they made a good amount of Ryu’s moves take longer to come out(Although with Ryu this was somewhat justified). My point being is there is no need to destroy characters like this. Reducing the damage of a character or changing a game-breaking mechanic is ok, just realize what the cumulative changes can do to a character.

A character Capcom did balance well was M.Bison. Capcom gave him a 3-frame normal to help on defense since he does not have a invincible reversal. Just this change, with a few other minor things, was enough of a healthy buff to make M.Bison more viable, but not enough to make him brain dead like Laura. So Capcom is capable of doing this, they just need to make sure they don’t create another Urien with the upcoming changes.

What do you want changed? Sound off below.




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