No New Balance Patch for SF5 In March Yet

*Update 3/15/17. There are now notes for the upcoming balance patch.

There was a certain amount of hype coming from the popular fighting game website eventhubs which stated there was a good chance of receiving a balance patch in SF5 during the long server down time late at night on 3/7.

It appears that nothing changed during the 8 hours of server down time.


Capcom had mentioned in February that they were going to state some gameplay changes in March. It makes since that people would think an entire 8 hours of server down time, in March, would be the time Capcom was talking about. And, considering the first tournament of the Capcom Pro Tour is starting this weekend, Final Round (kinda funny that its the first tournament), it fits almost perfectly and I could certainly see why Eventhubs thought the balance patch would come out during that time.

However, I think it is important to note what exactly Capcom said in their blog post.

“At this time, we can confirm additional changes are in the works to bring characters in-line with how we envision them to perform. We can’t share all of the details quite yet, but we are anticipating an announcement early March.”

Just like how previous DLC characters like Kolin were announced earlier in the the month they were released, putting the changes into the game would most likely come out at the end of the month like Capcom has been doing all along for SF5. My point being Capcom hasn’t made any announcement regarding the changes they talked about.

Its kinda like how the season 2 changes were teased early in the month in one blog post on Capcom’s official blog and then officially released later that month.

If Capcom continues this pattern, I would expect to see a bigger teaser for the changes within the next few days and then the actual release at the end of the month.

Another way of looking at it is looking at what announcements really are. For example, Middle Earth: Shadow Of War recently got announced, but its not like the game it out right now, Monolith Productions have simply stated that it exists.

Image result for shadow of mordor 2


Considering this, it would have been much more likely to hear more details about the patch last Tuesday than actually having it implemented in the game.

Sources: Capcom Blog, Eventhubs


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