The latest Final Round Tournament displayed one of the better aspects of SFV

The balancing.

For most people who pay attention to tiers in SFV, yes,there are people who don’t, Urien, Guile, Laura, and Balrog have been the main talk of the town during Season 2 as mentioned before.

The popular website eventhubs recently released a handy article that showed how many players used a character in the Top 64 of Final Round 20, the first tournament in the Capcom Pro Tour. Here is the list below.

Cammy: 8
Laura: 6
Necalli: 6
Rashid: 5
M. Bison: 5
Urien: 5
Karin: 4
Balrog: 3
Chun-Li: 3
Dhalsim: 3
Guile: 3
Ibuki: 3
Ken: 3
Zangief: 3
Birdie: 2
R. Mika: 2
Ryu: 2
Akuma: 1
F.A.N.G: 1

Not selected in top 64: Alex, Juri, Kolin, Nash and Vega.

Characters were counted regardless if main or backup character.

Now, what does this mean? Most people would not be surprised to find out that Alex, Juri, Nash, and Vega players did not get very far in the tournament. Kolin should also not come as a surprise considering she is still extremely new to the game.

What might be surprising, however, is the number of Cammys. While everyone is moaning about Guile and Balrog, who each only had 3 players, there were 8 Cammys in the Top 64. While no one is saying that Cammy is low tier, she has flown relatively under the radar during Season 2 and players like EG| K-Brad were able to use this advantage to get 3rd place. You could also make the same argument for Necalli who had 6 players use him. Even Urien, who is supposedly OP, tied Rashid and M.Bison, mid tier characters, and was beaten out by Necalli, Laura, and Cammy in representation, albeit those three being high tier characters as well.

Low tier characters like Ryu and R.Mika also had representation, with an R.Mika player even getting 2nd. There was even a F.A.N.G that managed to sneak into the top 64. It may not seem like much, but there were 468 entrants in the tournament, so people who made it to the top 64 did not just waltz in.

These results proves that despite the many fixes people still want for the game, including myself, SF5 has pretty good character balance. We aren’t seeing an overwhelming amount of Urien, Balrog, Guile, or Laura players dominating. While SFV might not have as many characters as some games,

Image result for tobal 2 character select

But why though?


it hits the balancing part of the game pretty damn well.

The balancing of the game is one of the best reasons to get SF5 and I am glad that Final Round 20 continued to show this.

Source: Eventhubs


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