SF5 Season 2 April Balance Patch: Birdie

Update 4/30/17* The new patch is coming out at an undetermined time as of now. Click here to find out why.

Developer Comments: The initial design concept for Birdie is that he is supposed to be quite powerful in neutral, which he deviated away from in Season 2. The changes made to Birdie in Season 2 left him in a slightly less optimal place in both his neutral and defense game, but much stronger place in the offensive game.

Although the adjustments made were beneficial in their own right, his core design is still that of a strong neutral character. To bring him more in line with that vision, we’ve reverted some changes, allowing Birdie to establish and compete at neutral a bit better.


  • Crouching MP
    • Expanded the hitbox upwards for active frames 4-5F
  • Crouching MK
    • Startup reduced from 11F to 10F
  • EX Bull Head (Normal/V-Trigger)
    • Disadvatange on block increased from -2F to -5F
  • EX Bull Horn
    • Armor startup and duration changed from 3F-20F, to 1F-20F

Source: Capcom Blog



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