SF5 Season 2 April Balance Patch: F.A.N.G

Update 4/30/17* The new patch is coming out at an undetermined time as of now. Click here to find out why.

Developer Comments: Although the changes made to the start-up of F.A.N.G’s attacks were done to keep him in line with the rest of the cast, these changes made it quite difficult for F.A.N.G to land combos or punishes of substantial damage and also keep faster opponents at bay.

With the reduction to the startup of a few key attacks contained in this list, in addition to the other improvements given to F.A.N.G in Season 2, it should result in F.A.N.G feeling that much stronger and competitive overall.


  • Standing LP
    • Reduced the advantage on hit from +6F to +5F
    • Reduced the advantage on block from +3F to +2F
    • Increased the hitbox on the second active frame
    • Increased the hit hold from the second and third active frames by 1F
  • Standing MK
    • Reduced the startup from 6F to 5F
  • Standing HP
    • Reduced the startup from 8F to 7F
    • Reduced the hitbox
    • Slightly increased the hurtbox
  • Standing HK
    • Reduced the startup from 14F to 12F
    • Note: The entire movement is reduced by 2F
    • Advantage on hit reduced from +7F to +6F
  • Crouching MP
    • Reduced the startup from 7F to 6F
  • Nirenko
    • Reduced the pushback on hit for the first hit

Source: Capcom Blog


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