SF5 Season 2 April Balance Patch: Laura

Update 4/30/17* The new patch is coming out at an undetermined time as of now. Click here to find out why.

Developer Comments: Laura is a character who has seen quite a bit of a climb since the introduction of the Season 2 update. We are quite happy with her current performance and don’t think much needs to be changed.

That said, we did notice that she can feel a bit overwhelming once her offense gets started. We think that by ever so slightly reducing the effectiveness of a few of her attacks, which are used in her continuous pressure strings, players will now have more chances to move around, rather than feel overwhelmed. This also has the benefit of encouraging Laura players to develop even newer strategies against what counters may develop.


  • L Bolt Charge (Normal/V-Trigger)
    • Reduced the active frames from 4F to 3F
  • Crouching LK
    • Reduced the advantage on block from +1 to 0

Source: Capcom Blog

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