SF5 Season 2 April Balance Patch: Nash

Update 4/30/17* The new patch is coming out at an undetermined time as of now. Click here to find out why.

Developer Comments: The initial concept behind Nash’s Season 2 adjustments were to encourage players to explore his large array of attacks to begin offense, rather than the same few that were always used, stifling strategy. Additionally the adjustments to his defensive options were made so that there would be a clear distinction between Nash, who is more offensive, and Guile, who is more defensive.

Unfortunately, the adjustments to some of his attacks resulted in his offense becoming a bit weaker, leaving Nash in a place where he didn’t feel strong on offense, defense nor in neutral. With the adjustments made here, we believe that Nash will end up with a slightly stronger neutral game and stronger offensive game, leaving him in an overall better position amongst the cast.


  • Forward Dash
    • Total movement frames changed from 19F to 18F
  • Standing HP
    • Increased the forward hitbox for the first active frame
    • Expanded the hitbox downward for frames 2F to 3F, and reduced the upwards hitbox
  • Crouching MK
    • Quickened the timing for V-Trigger cancel by 1F
    • Note: After the change, Nash will go from +4F to +5F advantage from cancelling into V-Trigger (Sonic Move – Hide)
  • M Sonic Scythe
    • Increased the pushback distance on block
  • EX Sonic Scythe
    • Added throw invincibility for frames 1F to 6F
    • Expanded the upwards hitbox for the first and second active frames

Source: Capcom Blog


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