SF5 Season 2 April Balance Patch: Urien

Update 4/30/17* The new patch is coming out at an undetermined time as of now. Click here to find out why.

Developer Comments: Urien has seen a significant climb in the ranks since the Season 2 update went into effect. That said, we noticed a few key attacks that have very minimal risk, yet high reward associated with them being used more than his other attacks, reducing his overall strategy.

We think with these new adjustments, players will be motivated to use his other attacks and figure out newer strategies to defeat the competition. However, the increased risk on a few of these attacks will require players to properly weigh the risk versus reward of using said attack, especially with Urien’s vitality returning to the former value that is was in Season 1.


  • Vitality
    • Reduced from 1025 to 1000
  • Crouching MK
    • Advantage on block changed from +2F to -2F
  • Jumping LK
    • Expanded the hitbox downwards
  • EX Dangerous Headbutt
    • Increased the recovery on whiff from 15F to 25F
  • EX Chariot Tackle
    • Increased the disadvantage on block from 0F to -2F
    • Reduced the pushback distance on block

Source: Capcom Blog


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