SF5 Season 2 April Balance Update Notes Revealed

The notes for the upcoming balance patch have been released.

*Update 4/3/18 Click here for the Season 3.5 patch notes.

There are a few characters that did not receive any changes. These characters are M.Bison, Karin, Kolin, and R.Mika.

*Update 5/31/17 There is one simple R.Mika change coming with the update.


  • Passion Press
    • Hitbox was reduced

Links to the characters that did get changes can be found at the end of the post.

Here are the general system changes coming straight from the Capcom Blog.

System Changes


  • V-Reversal input delay on crouching block has been shortened by 1F.

Developer Comments: When the V-Reversal command was input from a crouch block, it took one frame longer to activate than when standing. This change makes it so that once a V-Reversal is input, whether a character is standing or crouching, it activates at the same time.

Throw Escape

  • It is no longer possible to escape throws while inputting up during the throw escape.

Developer Comments: Correctly guessing an opponent’s next move is one of the hallmarks of Street Fighter. Option selects, which allow multiple options to be covered with overlapping commands, directly conflict with this idea, as the guesswork is removed, leading to a positive result quite frequently. This low risk, high reward scenario can be frustrating to fight as it seems that the opponent is always guessing right.

One such option select in Street Fighter V is the “jump back, throw select” in which the back jump command is input simultaneously with the throw input. This allows a player to cover two options on wake-up. If the opponent attempts a throw, they’ll tech it. If not, the player will jump away and reset the spacing between characters, all with very minimal risk.

With the new change introduced here, players will now have to make the proper read against their opponent to get the desired result, resulting in much more interesting matches.

Hold frames for charge moves

  • The number of frames necessary to complete a charge has been increased from 6F to 10F.

Developer Comments: The initial change, where we reduced the total number of frames needed to perform a charge move, was made to keep unintentional attacks from coming out. Unfortunately this has made those same charge moves all that much harder to pull off.

To fix this, we’ve increased the number of frames needed to perform a charge move, but have still kept that number of frames lower than Season 1. We think that this will ensure that the charge moves will come out much more reliably, while feeling that much easier to perform.

Invincible “Shoryuken” Attacks

  • Shoryuken type attacks have seen a change across the board. The changes are as follows below.
    • L Shoryuken attacks – maintain throw invincibility
    • M Shoryuken attacks – added airborne invincibility
    • H Shoryuken attacks – added attack and projectile invincibility
  • This change affects Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Cammy, and Juri. Please refer to each character’s individual adjustment list for specifics.

Developer Comments: Invincibility on Shoryuken attacks has been a polarizing topic. For players who learned how to use these attacks in Season 1 as an anti-air or counter attack, this change has severely affected their success with their favorite character. Conversely, those who have had to fight against these attacks, completely praise the changes as they felt meterless reversals were far too strong.

After analyzing player data, we felt that the change to invincible Shoryuken attacks resulted in a risk/reward ratio that has become risk intensive, yet yields little reward. Additionally, as Shoryuken attacks now occasionally trade with jump-in attacks, players who use characters with Shoryuken attacks are no longer confident in using this attack as an anti-air as intended.

We feel that with the changes made to Shoryuken attacks, the attack now yields the right risk versus reward. Players who utilize these attacks will still have to exercise proper timing and a bit more decision making to be effective, but now they will be rewarded accordingly. For the opponent fighting against these Shoryuken attacks, they will have to exercise a little more caution, but shouldn’t feel as frustrated as they did in Season 1.

Here are the links to each character that had changes.

*Update 5/31/17 There are also a small amount of new changes that were added before the patch was finally live which you can find below.

  • Balrog
    • Turn Punch
      • ① Level 1 – 6 Motion: Added throw invincibility for frames 1-18F.
      • ② Level 1 – 3 Motion: Changed to upper body and projectile invincibility from frames 3-18F.
      • ③ Level 4 – 6 Motion: Changed to attack and projectile invincibility from frames 3-18F.
      • ④ Level 7 – 10 (Final) Motion: Changed to complete invincibility from frames 1-18F
  • R.Mika
    • Passion Press
      • Hitbox was reduced
  • Dhalsim
    • Stand Heavy Punch
      • Changed the total frames from 44F ⇒ 42F
    • Back Throw
      • Reduced the distance from the opponent after hit.

Source: Capcom Blog, Another Capcom Blog Post


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