Reasons for the Balance Patch coming at the end of April

Capcom has recently announced that there will be a gameplay balance patch coming to SF5 at the end of April.

*Edited 4/21/17- The new update will now be coming at an undetermined time in the future. Click here find out why.

There is still over a month before the patch is offically deployed and some people may be wondering why Capcom decided to release the patch in April instead of March. I think there are two main reasons.

To show they care.

Capcom has not been the most transparent company during SF5 and it has caused them a fair amount of trouble, especially during the launch of the title. Capcom has been doing better, and I think releasing patch notes sooner is a good step. Releasing the changes earlier puts fans hearts at rest knowing that there are in fact changes coming and shows that Capcom is really listening to what the community is saying about the game.

Ever since Season 2 has come out there has been an outcry against certain characters like Urien, Balrog, Guile, and Laura who people think would be dominating every tournament even though that is not the case.

Image result for urien

“You said I was OP…”

While the changes might not be what everyone was hoping for, *cough nerf Cammy *cough, the balance update does show that Capcom cares and is trying to improve communication.

On top of that…

The next character is probably coming at the end of April.

While I still have no clue who the next character in SF5 will be, there is a good chance that the newest character will be coming to the game at the same time as the balance patch. Much like the other DLC characters, I would suspect a trailer for the next character in the middle of April.

It would make sense to release a character with the changes, like how Akuma came with all the original Season 2 changes back in December of 2016.

What are your thoughts about the Season 2 April Balance Patch? Sound off below.


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