New Character coming with April Balance Update?

Its around that time of the month again and Street Fighter players are eagerly awaiting an announcement trailer for the next new character.

It would make sense that Capcom would release the next character in conjunction with the upcoming balance changes that are due at the end of the month. But honestly, I can’t think of anyone the silhouette represents.

Image result for street fighter 5 season 2

While the silhouette is not very distinctive, we do have evidence that the 5 “completely new” characters could already exist in the Street Fighter universe with the release of Kolin.  While that is exciting, it also widens the range that Capcom could have chosen from, making it even harder to speculate.

It appears the silhouette after Kolin has a somewhat slim waist so we can get rid of possibilities like Sodom.

Image result for street fighter sodom

Although he makes a good guess for the next one

While Skullomania would be awesome, the silhouette doesn’t fit him either.

Image result for street fighter skullomania

One can hope

I honestly can’t really think of any good match up for the silhouette.

Do you think we are even getting a new character along with the April update? If so, who do you think it is going to be? Sound off below.


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