SF5 April Update Delayed

A new post from Capcom’s blog states that the update that everyone expected to be on April 25th has been delayed.

*4/3/18 Update This post is not about Season 3.5. Click here to see the Season 3.5 patch notes.

Instead, Capcom will be having another beta test soon to further optimize the CFN (Capcom Fighters Network). Just like the previous beta test, it will be free for all players with or without the game. All characters in the beta will have the balance changes that you can find out about here.

Apparently Capcom had the updates coincide with the CFN upgrades so they cannot just release the balance changes and new DLC character.

Here is the exact quote;

“These additional balance changes and the next Season 2 DLC character were originally planned to launch at the end of April. Since both of these were developed under the new CFN infrastructure, they have to release alongside the new CFN when it is ready”.

Well, at least we get the new costumes on the 25th. While it is unfortunate that we will have to wait longer for the balance changes and the next DLC character, there are a couple of good things coming out of the wait.

First of all, the next DLC character will be available to play for free during the beta. Capcom says they will announce who it is soon so at least players will get to try out the next character for free.

Second, Capcom is making sure that these changes to the CFN are truly going to stand out to the fan base. That hopefully means much shorter time between matches and more secure connections. Here are some additional changes I would like to see.

Third, while this one is not set in stone and Capcom has not indicated they will do this, I would really like to see additional balance changes to characters. While the changes in the April update were a step in the right direction, I do not feel like they make a big enough of a difference to some characters.

While this whole situation is not ideal, there is still even more information about the next update coming. However, Capcom said, “More details and the exact timing of the next CFN Beta Test will be announced in the coming weeks”. So don’t expect these changes to be coming any time soon.

I will be reporting new details about this potentially colossal update as soon as possible so check back often. Here are the first details about the update if you happened to miss them.

What do you think about the decision to delay the update? What else would you like to see come with the update? Sound off below.


Source: Gadi Twitter, Capcom Blog

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