Blog Update

Hey guys, its been a while since I started this blog and it has been great. The blog will be 6 months old at the end of the month! That is crazy! The blog has nearly 3k views in total at the time I am writing this and over 100 posts! I really appreciate the views and I hope that you guys are enjoying the content.

There is a good chance, if things pick up, that I will expand to other games and post more frequently about games that aren’t Street Fighter related. For those interested these games may be Hearthstone and/or Dota 2 as I enjoys those games very much. I may even branch out into TV shows/anime. Regardless, I will continue to try to get the latest news about Street Fighter 5 out as soon as possible! For those wondering about the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite content, unfortunately there has not really been any information about the game in the past months. Although I do encourage you to read some of my thoughts about the game.

People who have visited my blog before may have noticed I changed the layout to something pretty different. I just wanted to try out a different layout and see if it catches on. If you like the new layout, prefer the old one, or have another layout you think would be better I would love to hear it. Any other feedback would also be greatly appreciated!

As always, clicking that follow button is a huge help or simply telling your friends about the site is also a great way to support me.

Thanks again!


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