Thoughts on the Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Roster Leak

Well it finally happened. The full base roster for MvC:I has been released a good three months before the highly anticipated game hits the shelves.

Here is the full leaked list.

Capcom Side

Monster Hunter
Strider Hiryu

Marvel Side

Captain America
Captain Marvel
Doctor Strange
Iron Man

Honestly, both of these lists are extremely underwhelming. By underwhelming I mean these rosters are the most basic rosters one could imagine.

On the Capcom side, they have three, yes just three, new characters coming into the game; X, Monster Hunter, and Jedah. The list is extremely similar to the list in UMvC3. While I am not happy about the Marvel list, at least it varies enough from the Marvel roster in UMvC3. I mean come on. I completely understand bringing back hard staples of the franchise like Ryu, Chun-Li, and Morrigan but why not get some other Capcom characters from lesser known franchises or even characters from popular franchises that have not been represented in the game yet. For example, they decided to bring Chris back instead of bringing in a new face from the Resident Evil franchise like, oh I don’t know, Leon Kennedy, who I would consider to be more popular than Chris ever was. I just feel like Capcom had an opportunity to bring back some characters from earlier in the series like Jin, Hayato, or Captain Commando. It also sucks that they decided to bring ┬áback zero characters from Marvel vs Capcom 2 on Capcom’s side. Also, no Phoenix Wright? Blasphemous.

One thing that I did like about Marvel vs. Capcom 3 that appears to be continuing, at least in the base of MvC:I, is the Street Fighter representation. In Marvel vs Capcom 2, there were 11 total Street Fighter characters which put a ridiculous amount of representation from the iconic series into the game, so I was glad they only put three in MvC3 and now only two in MvC:I. I guess Akuma was too busy in Tekken 7 to get into the game. While I freaking love Street Fighter to death, it was just not fair to other Capcom franchises who deserved to be in the game. Having said that, I would have enjoyed seeing a lesser known character from Street Fighter in the game like Q or Twelve, especially since they have yet to appear even in the story modes of Street Fighter V. Actually, even a new character from Street Fighter V, like Rashid or Laura, would have been a nice surprise.

On the Marvel side, while I did brace myself for a roster like this, one consisting of only heroes and villains that are in, or in Captain Marvel’s case going to be in, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (except for Nova), it is still disappointing. What really irks me is the exclusion of some characters from the MCU that have yet to be in the Marvel vs Capcom series like Loki, Black Panther, Bucky, or Black Widow. The roster misses so many opportunities to mix it up. I will admit that I am excited to see Ant-Man and Gamora in action and Ultron is lookin pretty cool. I am also hyped for Thanos, although I hope the game sets him out to be more of a badass instead of a bubble dispenser like he was in Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Image result for marvel vs capcom 2 thanos bubbles gif

Thanos used Bubble!

I also found the lack of heroes from Marvel’s popular Netflix series to be disappointing because they are just straight up not in the game at all. Iron Fist was in UMvC3 so they certainly can get these more street-level heroes to work in the series. I mean come on, who doesn’t want Daredevil in the game?

Image result for daredevil

“Oh man, I can literally here this game’s roster sucking because it doesn’t have me!”

I thought that because the X-Men was off limits, which you can read about here, the Marvel side of the roster would be free to try out some lesser known heroes that have yet to be in the game or even other popular characters that have yet to be playable in the series like Carnage or Vision.

While the person who leaked the roster has been accurate in the past, I do not want to believe them. This roster is lackluster at best and it is frustrating that I have to hope for the DLC to save the game’s roster.

What are your thoughts on the leaked roster? Sound off in the comment sections!

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Source: Ryce


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