New footage featuring Jedah and Gamora for MvC:I

During EVO 2017, an exhibition match featuring Filipino Champ and ComboFiend showcased two new fighters in the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom game. Hit the jump to see Gamora and Jedah in action and some observations about the Infinity Stones.

For those unfamiliar, Jedah is a character from the Darkstalkers franchise, the same franchise Morrigan is from.

Gamora is from Marvel comics and most recently can be seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies Guardians of the Galaxy I and II.

We also get a brief look at the Reality Infinity Stone. It is stated at around 4:48 that you can use normals to create projectiles on the screen. Also, the red background looks pretty cool.

Another interesting note is that starting at 6:22 we get a brief description of the functions of all the current Infinity Stones; Reality, Power, Space, and Time.

Each Stone has two abilities that are called Infinity Surge and Infinity Storm.

Infinity Surge seems to be an ability that you can use whenever you want during the match.

Infinity Storm seems to be an ability that you can only use once the bar on the Infinity Stone gauge passes the white line.


Infinity Surge- Launches an energy burst that homes in on the enemy.

Infinity Storm- Unleashes a different elemental attack depending on the button pressed.


Infinity Surge- Powerful attack that launches the enemy backwards.

Infinity Storm- Raises attack power, and every hit will smash the enemy backwards.


Infinity Surge- Draws the enemy towards you.

Infinity Storm- Seals the enemy in a force cage, restricting their movements.


Infinity Surge- Move a set distance at super speed.

Infinity Storm- Enables quick comboing into other attacks when you land a hit. Raises Active Switch speed.

It also looks like you gain both regular meter and Infinity Stone gauge whenever you are hurt.

What are your thoughts on the gameplay, Jedah and Gamora, and Chun-li’s face which appears to be somewhat better in the build?

Source: Marvel vs. Capcom Youtube




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