Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Full Story Mode Trailer Released

The latest trailer for MvC:I has been released. Hit the jump to see the trailer.

Well, it appears that Jedah will be yet another villain the heroes are going to have to deal with. He also appears to have as much of an complex relationship with death as Thanos.

One thing that I really liked about the trailer is the various combos that the heroes are pulling off together when they are in pairs. Like when Captain America gives X a jumping platform with his shield or when Hulk chucks Ryu at their opponent. It really gives off the 2 v 2 combos that the game is going for.

Another thing I really enjoyed was the tension between pairs. Like the reference to Captain America: Civil War when Captain America and Iron Man disagree on what to do with Thanos and a fight starts with Dante and Chun-Li joining in. I wonder if Capcom will be doing what NetherRealms studios did with Injustice 2 and allow players to pick which team they want to fight as.

I also enjoy that these scenes don’t appear to be just randomly flung together to have characters randomly fight each other. They appear to be genuine conflicts of interest that feel very organic to the story.

There is also a brief scene with appears to be Venom at 1:33, suggesting that all of the initial DLC characters for the game will be included in some way.

M.O.D.O.K also appears in the trailer for a brief moment, laughing manically. It is unclear right now if he will be a playable character. Although, considering he is in the background of a stage, I wouldn’t hold my breath that he will be part of the base roster of the game.

Image result for marvel vs capcom infinite modok

Did his head get bigger?

What are your thoughts about the trailer?

Source: Capcom Blog


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