Survival Mode changes and more Costumes coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Along with Mayor Cody, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be seeing a very much needed change to Survival Mode that will hopefully make the experience less painful to go through. In addition, Capcom also announced a couple of new costumes that will be coming to the game. Hit the jump to see the changes and costumes.

Here are the major changes coming to Survival Mode, along with a new mode, condensed from Capcom Unity.

Battle Goods

  • Battle Goods are a new consumable item that can aid you
  • Up to 5 Battle Goods can be used between rounds, you can only use 1 Battle Supplement like usual
  • Battle Goods can be obtained by completing Survival Mode, the higher the difficulty the more you earn
  • With the new update users will also be given an undetermined amount of Battle Goods to start out when they first log in

Survival Mode Continues

  • Players can now spend 1,000 FM to continue if they are defeated (completely optional)
  • Unused V-Gauge will carry over the the next stage
  • Players who spend the FM will be revived at their current stage with full Health, EX Gauge, and V-Gauge.
  • You can now choose to play standard or random opponents before starting
  • Standard Mode will be identical to the old Survival mode which has the original 16 characters only
  • Random Mode will allow you to fight all current Street Fighter characters released in the game
  • In Random Mode, boss characters who appear every 10 stages will stay the same as they were in Standard Mode
  • You can now pause Survival Mode and come back to the same spot later

Fighting Chance

  • A brand new mode where spending 500 FM will have Menat read you a fortune and then receive various prizes (similar to loot boxes)
  • Below is a list of prizes you can win;
    Unique colors only obtainable in Fighting Chance.
    Rare costumes only obtainable in Fighting Chance.
    Classic pieces of Street Fighter art from across the series.                                Battle Goods for Survival Mode
  • Players will receive one free fortune when they first log in after the patch is released

Just to be clear, all prizes received in Fighting Chance have no impact on actual gameplay against other players. They are purely cosmetic or Battle Goods that can only be used in Survival Mode.

Now lets get to the costumes.

First, we have Ken dressed as Dante, the main character of the Devil May Cry series.

Next, we have Ed dressed as Nero, the main character of Devil May Cry 4.

Lastly, we have Laura dressed as Gloria/Trish, the lightning-wielding partner of Dante.

Perhaps even cooler than the above, Rashid will be getting a kickass Air Man costume! Air Man comes from the Mega Man series and first made his appearance in Mega Man 2. I can’t wait to see this costume in action.

Rashid gets a Viewtiful Joe and Air Man costume, lucky dude

Sources: Capcom Unity, Capcom Unity again

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