Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Announced

Capcom has just dropped a trailer for Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection! Check out the full list of games in the collection along with the trailer after the jump!

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Dragon Ball Fighter Z Gameplay

The recently announced 3v3 fighting game Dragon Ball Fighter Z is bringing the hype. With the addictive fun fighting style of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and the iconic characters from the Dragon Ball franchise, the game is the hypest thing for the fighting game community so far at E3. Click the jump to see an entire match.

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Capcom coming to E3

One of the biggest gaming events of the year is nearly upon us, E3. Most major gaming companies will be there to reveal new games, accessories, and merchandise. Which means that next week is going to be full of interesting gaming news, perhaps even more interesting than the creators of Guilty Gear making a Dragon Ball 2.5D fighting game that features 3v3 fights.

Dragon Ball Fighters


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Blog Update

Hey guys, its been a while since I started this blog and it has been great. The blog will be 6 months old at the end of the month! That is crazy! The blog has nearly 3k views in total at the time I am writing this and over 100 posts! I really appreciate the views and I hope that you guys are enjoying the content.

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 releases on Steam and Xbox One today

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 releases on Steam and Xbox One today!!!

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The game has been updated with a nice, crisp, 1080p resolution running at 60 fps. The game costs $25 and comes with all existing DLC.

If you are looking for some nostalgia or just want to get some practice in before Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is released tell Capcom that there is still an interest in the franchise by buying the game!

Source: Marvel Entertainment

Nvidia Releases GTX 1080Ti

Nvidia has announced one of the most anticipated GPUs of 2017, the powerhouse GTX 1080Ti.

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The Founder’s Edition of the GPU is priced surprisingly well at $699 USD.

The GPU comes with 11Gbps GDDR5X, giving the card an enormous bandwidth of 484Gbps and still uses the Pascal architecture. This puts the card slightly ahead of the Titan X, and at half the cost.

Image result for angry gifs

People who bought the Titan X

It is also one of the highest Ti improvments seen in Nvidia GPUs, at least that is what Nvidia claims.

Nvidia's best Ti ever

The GPU is set the release sometime this month, stay tuned to find out when.

Sources: pcgamesn, Nvidia, wccftech