Street Fighter V Zeku Reveal Trailer

The final DLC character for Season 2 of Street Fighter V has been revealed. As many predicted, the final character is Zeku, Guy’s former teacher of Businryu, a form of ninjutsu.

As mentioned at the end of the trailer, Zeku will be available to play on October 24th.

Source: Youtube


Winner of Dreamhack promises to donate all winnings to Hurricane Irma

Last year’s Capcom Cup winner and FGC personality KnuckleDu has pledged to give all his winnings to victims of Hurricane Irma.

Liquid’s NuckleDu will be donating a majority of the total $10,000 prize pool he earned by beating Echo Fox’s Justin Wong in the Grand Finals. You can watch the entire match below.

This was an incredibly nice gesture by Du. I am sure Florida is going to need every single cent they can get in rebuilding and it is great to see people in the FGC community caring about such things.

Source: Twitter, Arcade Video Collection

Street Fighter V’s Menat may be too technical for her own good

I, like many other people in the FGC, like Street Fighter V’s newest DLC character, Menat. She is one of the less serious characters in the game, an apprentice of Rose, and she and her animations look fantastic.

Image result for menat street fighter butt wiggle gif


But, unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why the Fortune-Teller’s future does not look great in competitive play.

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