Ghost Rider joins Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

A recent twitter post has from the official Marvel vs. Capcom twitter account declared that Ghost Rider will be part of the starting roster for the upcoming fighting game. Hit the jump to see the full tweet and a very cool looking cover.

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Spider-Man, Haggar, Frank West, Nemesis, and The Mind Stone Confirmed for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

A new trailer has recently surfaced for MvC:I confirming 4 new characters to the game. The newest trailer also includes the Infinity Surge and Infinity Storm for The Mind Stone. and some additional footage of Gamora. Hit the jump to see the trailer.

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New footage featuring Jedah and Gamora for MvC:I

During EVO 2017, an exhibition match featuring Filipino Champ and ComboFiend showcased two new fighters in the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom game. Hit the jump to see Gamora and Jedah in action and some observations about the Infinity Stones.

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Capcom coming to E3

One of the biggest gaming events of the year is nearly upon us, E3. Most major gaming companies will be there to reveal new games, accessories, and merchandise. Which means that next week is going to be full of interesting gaming news, perhaps even more interesting than the creators of Guilty Gear making a Dragon Ball 2.5D fighting game that features 3v3 fights.

Dragon Ball Fighters


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